nobara: I is for Ida, who drowned in a lake. (boogie down)
([personal profile] nobara Jun. 5th, 2011 10:22 pm)
Oh, hello.

So, instead of cramming for my Trigonometry final, I have been listening to the same album over and over for the last like...entire day. I thought I would share!

Basically, an old buddy of mine has put out the best album I've heard in years. So go have a listen to Genetic Engines by Michael Edwards (he's the guy who did the "good version" of Internet Girl with Mattycakes, btdubs). If someone twisted my arm and made me pick a favorite song I suppose it would be the title track, but the whole album is fantastical.

And now I'm gonna go get my Soh Cah Toa on. ~_~
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