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([personal profile] nobara Dec. 8th, 2011 09:29 am)
This quarter of school has been kinda rough, so finals have been very much not fun. For the past two weeks or so I've spent most of my time at home sitting in front of my computer going "blerggghh!" at an empty Word document, willing my work to do itself, while Allen plays FFXIII or whatever. So today is the day of my last final, HOORAY. And then this happened when Allen was leaving for work this morning:

Lisa: Yaaay, last final!
Allen: Yaaay, I'm excited to hang out with you tonight!
Lisa: ...Oh, I'm going out with Ira tonight. (nb: Allen does not usually go out)
Allen: ...Then yaaay, I'm excited to play video games by myself and cry!


An aside, because if I finish this post then I have to write my stupid paper for my stupid Victorian Novel class:

I really want someone to go see the Hunger Games movie with, so I bullied Allen into reading the books. As usually happens in our relationship, I WAS RIGHT. He liked the books a lot (so much, in fact, that he was really adorably super bummed out when he finished them and had no more Hunger Games to read). Unfortunately, my plan has backfired! He likes the books so much that he doesn't want to see them "corrupted by Hollywood" and won't watch the fucking trailer, and refuses to even hear casting news ("Hey, did you hear who's playing Haymitch?" "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOOOOOUUU!").

Hoist by my own petard. :(
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From: [personal profile] caltastic

You should have told me you were taking Victorian Novels, I still have all my papers from that whole series because it was my minor!

(oh Middlemarch <3333)

Don't tell him it's the Hunger Games trailer. Just say HEY COME WATCH THIS SWEET TRAILER.

Also it is possibly helpful to inform him that damn near every member of that cast fucking fought to be in that movie, most especially Woody Harrelson, the adorable preciousface playing Rue, and Fucking Terrifying Stanley Tucci. EVEN DONALD SUTHERLAND READ THE SCRIPT AND WAS ALL FUCK YEAH BEAVIS. There's a sweet interview with the casting director where she said that they didn't send out anything unsolicited, which is totally unheard of.

(I uh also loved the books. I mainlined the whole thing in a weekend, after which I needed hugs and chocolate.)

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