I got a new phone! Yaaay! It is not very fancy, as I refuse to get a smartphone (the guy at Verizon was aghast at me being all: "NO ABSOLUTELY NOT NO SMARTPHONES NO I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY ANGRY BIRDS OR WORDS WITH FRIENDS NICE TRY WITH THE PANDORA APP THING BUT I DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO MUSIC ON MY PHONE EVER SO THERE HAHA"). It is just yet another LG thingie. An Octane, I guess. I loved my old phone but it was 3 years old and all breaky, so I got the newer equivalent, which is similar except bigger and the qwerty keyboard is the devil because the spacebar and most of the symbol keys are in different places now. Earlier I sent a text that looked like this: "Ohmhey,mIJmmatmthembookstoremrightmnow/" I miss my old keyboard. :(

So the thing about me is, whenever I get a new phone I am always unable to fight the temptation to make myself some super embarrassing ringtones. Most of you (whose numbers I have, newayz) previously had a ringtone that consisted of the chorus of The David's "Internet Girl," which is very hilarious, duh. ....But also kind of awkward when Cal calls me while I am in the middle of a busy aisle at a Shnuck's in Central Illinois and everyone turns and stares at me like my cellphone was going "SATAN SATAN WORSHIP SATAN" rather than "my internet guahahahuruahalllll 21st century, one of a kind." Still, I find it impossible to overcome my own obnoxiousness, so I have "Moonlight Densetsu," "Lum no Love Song" and "Consumite Furore" (from Ptas proper, not the musical, lol) ringtones right now. wtf is wrong with me.

Allen won't let me set his ringtone as "C'est La Vie." Such a killjoy. :(
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