Bad idea jeans: listening to the "Bed Intruder" song while writing a paper about Silas Marner.

"Godfrey Cass tried to hide his kid, hide his wife."
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( Dec. 8th, 2011 09:29 am)
This quarter of school has been kinda rough, so finals have been very much not fun. For the past two weeks or so I've spent most of my time at home sitting in front of my computer going "blerggghh!" at an empty Word document, willing my work to do itself, while Allen plays FFXIII or whatever. So today is the day of my last final, HOORAY. And then this happened when Allen was leaving for work this morning:

Lisa: Yaaay, last final!
Allen: Yaaay, I'm excited to hang out with you tonight!
Lisa: ...Oh, I'm going out with Ira tonight. (nb: Allen does not usually go out)
Allen: ...Then yaaay, I'm excited to play video games by myself and cry!


An aside, because if I finish this post then I have to write my stupid paper for my stupid Victorian Novel class:

I really want someone to go see the Hunger Games movie with, so I bullied Allen into reading the books. As usually happens in our relationship, I WAS RIGHT. He liked the books a lot (so much, in fact, that he was really adorably super bummed out when he finished them and had no more Hunger Games to read). Unfortunately, my plan has backfired! He likes the books so much that he doesn't want to see them "corrupted by Hollywood" and won't watch the fucking trailer, and refuses to even hear casting news ("Hey, did you hear who's playing Haymitch?" "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOOOOOUUU!").

Hoist by my own petard. :(
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( Dec. 4th, 2011 05:34 pm)
So I have my "American History from 1920-1963" final tomorrow. A classmate asked if I wanted to swap notes and I was like "oh sorry I don't have time to type up or photocopy all of my notes" but the real reason is that I can't let anyone else ever read my notes ever, because I am a crazy person.

Some excerpts!

9 Key Reasons for Allied Victory in WWII:
1.) Axis Powers underestimated the Allies.
-Hitler thinks Americans are a bunch of weak-ass pussy bitches.

The Third Phase of the New Deal:
-HUGE taxes for the wealthiest 5% of Americans.
-They are pissed about it but I don't even give a fuck.

President Truman:
-In the mid-'30s, a new senator in Missouri, a farmer's son and former haberdasher (so he has really good fashions, and gurrrlllll you look gooood!).
-1940 election: he denounces the KKK, and people are super pumped about that, which is a nice thing for me to learn.

Beginnings of the Cold War:
-War ends May, 1945! Truman wants the USSR to take their armies out of Eastern Europe.
-Stalin is like "yeah right."
-Truman cuts off aid to USSR.
-Stalin is all, "come at me, bro!"
-Truman gets pissed.
-Stalin: "whatever, dude."

Also I am going through these notes and I see that every. single. time. I refer to General MacArthur as "Douggie Mac."

I'm terrific!
I got a new phone! Yaaay! It is not very fancy, as I refuse to get a smartphone (the guy at Verizon was aghast at me being all: "NO ABSOLUTELY NOT NO SMARTPHONES NO I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY ANGRY BIRDS OR WORDS WITH FRIENDS NICE TRY WITH THE PANDORA APP THING BUT I DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO MUSIC ON MY PHONE EVER SO THERE HAHA"). It is just yet another LG thingie. An Octane, I guess. I loved my old phone but it was 3 years old and all breaky, so I got the newer equivalent, which is similar except bigger and the qwerty keyboard is the devil because the spacebar and most of the symbol keys are in different places now. Earlier I sent a text that looked like this: "Ohmhey,mIJmmatmthembookstoremrightmnow/" I miss my old keyboard. :(

So the thing about me is, whenever I get a new phone I am always unable to fight the temptation to make myself some super embarrassing ringtones. Most of you (whose numbers I have, newayz) previously had a ringtone that consisted of the chorus of The David's "Internet Girl," which is very hilarious, duh. ....But also kind of awkward when Cal calls me while I am in the middle of a busy aisle at a Shnuck's in Central Illinois and everyone turns and stares at me like my cellphone was going "SATAN SATAN WORSHIP SATAN" rather than "my internet guahahahuruahalllll 21st century, one of a kind." Still, I find it impossible to overcome my own obnoxiousness, so I have "Moonlight Densetsu," "Lum no Love Song" and "Consumite Furore" (from Ptas proper, not the musical, lol) ringtones right now. wtf is wrong with me.

Allen won't let me set his ringtone as "C'est La Vie." Such a killjoy. :(
I'ma try and keep track of all the books I read and post them online, mostly to hold myself accountable for actually finishing them. I mean, a few years ago I stopped reading Vanity Fair less than 50 pages shy of the end for like no reason (oh wait, I remember the reason. It was because Lost in Blue 2 came out). Plays and epic poems are included, even though when people say things like "Hamlet is a really good book!" it makes me want to stab them in the face. To the best of my knowledge, these are all (minus one or two that I can't remember) of the books I've read since the beginning of 2011 (minus any comics or graphic novels, because I read those so fast and reread them so many, many times that it's too hard to keep track).

List 'o' Books! )

I am such a shameless re-reader, sheesh.

Also: plz to be giving me book recommendations! I like Classics nerdery, Shakespeare criticism (unless the critic doesn't like my boy Sir John, in which case they can fuck right the hell off), and, um, fantasy books written for children.
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( Jun. 5th, 2011 10:22 pm)
Oh, hello.

So, instead of cramming for my Trigonometry final, I have been listening to the same album over and over for the last like...entire day. I thought I would share!

Basically, an old buddy of mine has put out the best album I've heard in years. So go have a listen to Genetic Engines by Michael Edwards (he's the guy who did the "good version" of Internet Girl with Mattycakes, btdubs). If someone twisted my arm and made me pick a favorite song I suppose it would be the title track, but the whole album is fantastical.

And now I'm gonna go get my Soh Cah Toa on. ~_~
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( Mar. 27th, 2011 11:13 pm)
OMG The Beat show was so amazing tonight! They didn't play one of my favorites, but it was still suuuper good. Ira and I stood right up in front of the stage and danced our asses off and Dave Wakeling smiled and winked at us the whole time. ~_~ Also, when I handed him my copy of his (super obscure, my god I am such a nerd) solo album to sign, he told me I was gorgeous! TEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE. ^_____^ This gives me the giggles because even though he's 30 years older than The Beat's heyday, Dave Wakeling is still such a beautiful, beautiful man. Swooooon!

ETA: How could I forget to link the video where he looks the prettiest? Foolish!
My day started out so awesomely!

1) I woke up on my own around 8am which is awesome since for the last few days I've been suffering from post-finals crash...

2) I got a Matcha latte from Starbucks! Om nom nom! (many thanks again to Meejes for Starbucks-enabling cards! <3)

3) I went to the store and when I walked in the Meijer radio or whatever started playing 'Sir Duke!' Hell yeah!

I've been HARDCORE cleaning all day because the second floor of my house hasn't been lived in in... I dunno... 15 or 20 years? So it is full of junk and all musty smelling, and I have out-of-town friends coming in tomorrow! Once clean sheets are out of the dryer I am done cleaning the upstairs! Hooray! That means that people should come visit me because they'll have a place to stay! Hooray! You should all want to come visit Columbus, dammit! Here are some of the many reasons why:

#1 Zoo in the country!
#1 Library in the country!
The best ice cream in the country! (no seriously, very specific and serious ice cream-related organizations have decided that! lol)
Pretty damn good pizza!
My buddy Dave hosting the best-ever karaoke all over town 5 nights a week!
Really dumb and creepy public art! (except Leatherlips, which is badass. Also that page is missing these beauties)
Less creepy art!
Also this god god damn damn fucking place!
And this guy!

And most importantly meeeee!
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( Mar. 18th, 2011 12:29 am)
Oh, hello there.

Would you like to see the most insane thing in the world?