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( Dec. 4th, 2011 05:34 pm)
So I have my "American History from 1920-1963" final tomorrow. A classmate asked if I wanted to swap notes and I was like "oh sorry I don't have time to type up or photocopy all of my notes" but the real reason is that I can't let anyone else ever read my notes ever, because I am a crazy person.

Some excerpts!

9 Key Reasons for Allied Victory in WWII:
1.) Axis Powers underestimated the Allies.
-Hitler thinks Americans are a bunch of weak-ass pussy bitches.

The Third Phase of the New Deal:
-HUGE taxes for the wealthiest 5% of Americans.
-They are pissed about it but I don't even give a fuck.

President Truman:
-In the mid-'30s, a new senator in Missouri, a farmer's son and former haberdasher (so he has really good fashions, and gurrrlllll you look gooood!).
-1940 election: he denounces the KKK, and people are super pumped about that, which is a nice thing for me to learn.

Beginnings of the Cold War:
-War ends May, 1945! Truman wants the USSR to take their armies out of Eastern Europe.
-Stalin is like "yeah right."
-Truman cuts off aid to USSR.
-Stalin is all, "come at me, bro!"
-Truman gets pissed.
-Stalin: "whatever, dude."

Also I am going through these notes and I see that every. single. time. I refer to General MacArthur as "Douggie Mac."

I'm terrific!

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